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with Circle of Friends

Led By:

Dr. Ted Wiard, Dr. Kevin Skinner, & Jenna Riemersma

Join our grief & loss experts as they guide you on a three part journey to understand and heal from your grief. Learn why you feel the way that you feel, what you can do as you move forward with your life, and how to cope in the days ahead.

Expert grief education from a certified grief counselor and therapist

Dr. Ted Wiard

Making sense of your grief and the healing process

with Dr. Ted Wiard

Dr. Wiard is a licensed clinical therapist, Certified Grief Counselor and is the founder of Golden Willow Retreat, a sanctuary for loss transition and recovery. Dr. Wiard’s passion for working with grief, in its many forms, arose from his own personal losses in which he realized there were very few places that offered support and healing from grief.

What you'll learn

How to move forward

Why grieving is non-linear

Honoring your loss

How grief and loss are different

Strengthening your sense of self

Dr. Ayanna Abrams

Strengthen connection and sense of self through storytelling

with Dr. Ayanna Abrams

Dr. Abrams is a licensed clinical psychologist and founder of Ascension Behavorial Health, which provides empathic mental health treatment, and co-founder of Not So Strong, a mental health platform created to strengthen connection and sense of self through storytelling. Dr. Abrams has a lifetime of experience navigating issues of cultural difference, transition and identity, and has focused on creating opportunities for health in historically underserved communities.

What you'll learn

How to identify your emotions

Recognize unhelpful grieving patterns

How to navigate feelings of helplessness

How to overcome avoidance & confront your grief

Strengthening your sense of self - Dr. Abrams

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A compassionate and approach to understanding and navigating the difficult grief questions and circumstances

Dr. Kevin Skinner

Making sense of your grief and the healing process

with Dr. Kevin Skinner
Dr. Skinner is the co-founder and Clinical Director of Addo Recovery and is a Core Faculty of the International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals, training therapists throughout the world. Dr. Kevin Skinner will help you identify how you’re hurting and educate you with new ideas and strategies that you can use in your healing journey.

What you'll learn

How to say goodbye

How to navigate your emotions

How long healing will take

How to show up in other parts of my life

Move Toward™ your Difficult Grief Symptoms

Jenna Riemersma

A 3-step meditative approach that you can use over and over again

with Jenna Riemersma

Jenna Riemersma is a Harvard-educated innovator and Founder of Atlanta Center for Relational Healing who is passionate about making mental wellness accessible. Jenna’s Move Toward™ stands at the intersection of the finest clinical, spiritual, mindfulness, and wellness traditions. With Move Toward, Jenna provides a counterintuitive but simple, 3-step solution that helps people who are struggling with grief symptoms.

What you'll learn

How to identify your emotions

Process why you're feeling that way

How to Move Toward™ that emotion

What to do when these emotions present themselves

3 step meditative approach - Jenna Riemersma

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